Brittany Snow to star in "American Dreams"

Brittany SnowThe photogenic and fair-haired Brittany Snow born in Tampa, Florida on March 9, 1986. She traveled the path of Brooke Shields and others by going to work as a model at the age of three. Brittany appeared on the small screen from the age of eight, when she landed a number of spots on the Spielberg-produced SeaQuest DSV, starring Roy Scheider (a good start for an elementary student). Brittany later voiced Shizuku in the Americanized version of Hayao Miyazaki's Whisper of the Heart. In the fall of 2000, she enrolled as a freshman in the Tampa-area's Gaither High School, a public secondary institution.

Brittany Snow signed for one of the central roles on NBC's coming of age series American Dreams at the age of 16, a kind of Wonder Years update. Set about five years before that tv series began, American Dreams opened in 1963 as Meg Pryor, a high school student with a much-coveted job as an American Bandstand dancer, Brittany stole viewers' hearts and helped propel the series to a four-season run. American Dreams brings back that dream with such amazing reality. We can remember the events happening in the world, and remember what it was like to live. This tv show is extremely well written and I will watch this show until it is taken off the air. A show for the generations to share.

After a supporting role in the 2005 Vin Diesel comedy show “The Pacifier”, Brittany found her broadest exposure in two 2006 releases. That year's black comedy John Tucker Must Die (by Hill Street Blues alum and Private Parts director Betty Thomas) unofficially reworks and sanitizes, the Dangerous Liasons formula, with Brittany and two other teen heartthrobs (Ashanti and Sophia Bush) as disgruntled high school student determined to give the class stud a comeuppance by hiring a girl to break his heart. The film received so-so reviews and opened in late July 2006 to predictably decent box office. Brittany landed her first big screen lead in the same year's On the Doll (directed by Thomas Mignone) , as Balery, a stripper. In spring 2006, she signed with Kristin Cavallari to star in the psychological thriller Fingerprints for Harry Basil (Meet Wally Sparks Cloud Nine). By now, Brittany is busy with her upcoming movie for this year (2009) entitled “Black Water Transit” and other three movies for 2010 “Janie Jones” which is now filming, “Walks” now on its pre-production and “Clock Tower”.American Dreams DVD

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