Damon Wayans: Favorite Male Performer In a New TV Series

Damon WayansIn 1990 comedian Damon Wayans burst onto the television scene with In Living Color, an outrageously funny and often controversial comedy show broadcast on the Fox Network. Each week, the half-hour variety show parodied life in America, with one big distinction, its street-smart, urban perspective. He then moved on to appear in numerous films. In 2001 Wayans debuted in another, though far less controversial, hit television comedy series, My Wife and Kids.

Born in 1961 and raised in the Chelsea district of New York City as one of 11 children, Wayans learned the value of a family. Though they were poor, he doesn't hold any bad memories of his childhood. In fact, Wayans credited his upbringing for much of his comic ability, where as children and his siblings would stretch their imaginations with a game of "make me laugh or die."

The popularity of In Living Color made him especially adept at mimicking people like Louis Farrakhan. But his self-created characters Homey the Clown, Anton the Bum, and Handi-Man (a handicapped superhero) distinguished him from the rest of the ensemble and made Damon Wayans one of the most popular cast members.

Next Wayans developed the comedy TV series, Damon, which debuted mid-season in 1998. Wayans played an undercover Chicago police officer and David Allen Grier--also of In Living Color fame-- took on the role of Wayans' inept younger brother. Wayans assumes numerous disguises throughout the course of his undercover work. People Weekly's Terry Kelleher noted that "Wayans comes alive" when he puts on a disguise and presents a comic caricature, but that "when the cop is himself, the star is on autopilot." The series was not renewed for a second season. My Wife and Kids DVD

Wayans served as producer and co-creator of the tv show “My Wife and Kids”. In 2002 My Wife and Kids won a People's Choice Award for Favorite New TV Comedy series. Wayans also garnered the Favorite Male Performer in a New TV Series award. Wayans was next set to appear in a full-length film version of Homey the Clown.

Emmy Awards for outstanding writing in a variety program, for In Living Color, 1991 and 1992; Soul Train Comedy Award for best actor in a TV sketch comedy role, 1993; People's Choice Awards, Favorite Male Performer In a New Television Series, 2002.

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  1. He was really funny as the flamboyant character in "Men On..." skits. I think the Wayans Family are pretty talented.