Getting To Know Tessie Santiago-The Queen Of Swords

The Queen Of Swords,
Sword fighting heroes are very much a staple of TV as it is in the movies. However, as in most cases of the action genre, men are typically the sword welding heroes. Women are often relegated as the ones to be save or as assistants to the hero.

Now here's something different, since the girl is the one doing all the hacking and slashing. The aptly titled Queen of Swords follows the adventure of wealthy noble Teresa Alvarado as she dons a Zorro-esque costume and fights to protect the oppressed peasants of her hometown.

While the show had a rather short run, being canceled only after a single season, it ended up becoming a cult favorite and enjoying multiple re-runs in several networks. And perhaps, the most important one that that drove the series to such popularity is the title character, the Queen of Swords herself.

So who is really behind the mask of the Queen? Fans ar
e surely eager to know more about the TV series actress who played the role of Tessa Alvarado. And as it turns out, there are a lot to learn about this sword wielding beauty.

For starters, Tessie Santiago, born as Tessie Marie Santiago, is of Cuban descent. She was born in Miami, Florida on August 10, 1975. Santiago is also quite well educated, having earned her degree from the University of Miami and majoring in both film and theater. She also had the opportunity to study film production in the Faculty of Film and
Television of the famed Academy of Performing Arts in Prague in the Czech Republic.

For those not in the know, The Queen of Swords was her first television series acting stint after graduating from college, though she was able to appear in several student made productions during her studies. In an interview, she said that was really a big pressure for her to play the part of the Queen since it was the lead role and that she was a
relative newcomer back then. She also said that she had to undergo hard training in preparation for the show since she had no background in fencing. She also said that she later got comfortable with the fight scenes after several and finds it really interesting to wear the mask and immerse herself in the Queen's character.
Tessie Santiago,
After her stint in the show, Santiago went on to do several other shows for various networks, such as Good Morning, Miami, Kitchen Confidential and One an One. She made her film debut as Christina Juarez in the made for TV movie The way She Moves in 2000. She also went on to star in several independently produced movies. Currently, she is working on the movie The Cell 2, which is a sequel to the 2000 psychological thriller movie.

So there you have it, all the things that you need to know about Tessie Santiago, the lady behind the mask and sword.

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